Dawayne Strong, Shop Foreman

Dawayne Strong has worked as the shop foreman for Tire Star of Wolcottville since March of 2016. He has been married to his wife, Angie, for 23 years and they have four children. He has two grandsons he dotes on, and is an honorary grandpa to pretty much any baby he meets.

Employee Spotlight: Dawayne Strong

Dawayne has been turning wrenches since he was ten years old, starting in his grandpa’s garage and on the farm. He enjoys putting smiles on the faces of his customers and employees, and does a great job with that! Outside of work, he enjoys hunting and fishing, and has been going salmon fishing in Kaleva, Michigan every year for 34 years.

We all appreciate everything Dawayne does to keep things running smoothly and taking such good care of both customers and employees! His kindness does not go unnoticed by either group.

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