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An oil change and filter replacement is one of many preventative maintenance services that help promote maximum vehicle performance while extending the life of your vehicle. Oil is responsible for lubricating the working components inside your vehicle’s engine while reducing the amount of friction between them. Because the engine generates a substantial amount of heat, oil acts as a cooling agent as it circulates through the engine. Oil also absorbs other harmful particles created during the combustion process and directs them to the oil filter, which filters out the debris and contaminants for clean, free-flowing oil. Together, the oil and oil filter keep your vehicle’s engine operating at optimal performance levels. During an oil change, we will replace your engine’s old oil with new oil and replace the oil filter. We will also lubricate the vehicle’s chassis components according to the manufacturer’s standards. At the end of every lube, oil, and filter change, our staff will have ensured that your engine oil is clean and the working parts of your engine are properly lubricated.

Benefits of Lube, Oil & Filter Change

Over time, as oil becomes saturated with contaminants, excess particles are left behind in the engine, where they can form deposits and cause significant wear to the engine. Oversaturated oil loses its lubrication, which will eventually lead to an overworking engine, excess heat, and engine failure. Excessive heat can also lead to thermal breakdown in your engine oil, causing a change in the oil’s viscosity and decreasing oil flow. Similarly, dirty oil flows more slowly, causing the engine to work harder and increasing engine wear. Our service staff will inspect the oil filter during each oil change and replace the oil filter to keep your oil clean from contaminants. Routine lube and oil changes will keep your engine stronger and running longer. Contact us online or call us today regarding your next lube, oil, and filter change when you’re in Noble County, IN.

Why Choose Our Lube, Oil, and Filter Change Services?

  • Expert Maintenance: Our experienced technicians perform thorough lube, oil, and filter changes, ensuring your car’s engine remains properly lubricated for optimal performance.
  • Engine Health: Regular oil changes prevent engine damage, enhance fuel efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your car’s engine.
  • Quality Products: We use high-quality oils and filters that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications, providing maximum protection for your engine.
  • Timely Service: We understand the value of your time, and our team works efficiently to complete your lube, oil, and filter change promptly.

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Tire Star operates trusted auto repair shops in Kendallville, Ligonier, and Wolcotville, catering to the automotive needs of Noble County residents. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are your reliable choice for lube, oil, and filter change services. Visit our website or contact us to schedule your maintenance service today.

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